Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to addressing both physical and psychological dis-ease. Using the 5 element concept (Space, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth), Yoga Therapy brings balance to the body and mind through specific asanas, pranayama, meditation, diet, and lifestyle changes. Ideally, a person would approach a yoga therapist to prevent a specific disease they know they are genetically susceptible to, either because it manifested in their parents, or because they got a DNA test that points to the probability of having certain diseases. However, in case a person already has a disease and would like to use yoga therapy as a complement to their medical treatment, the following is a list of diseases that can be effectively worked on to help in the reduction of symptoms:

1) Cervical Spondylosis
2) Lumbar Spondylosis
3) Arthiritis
4) Diabetes Type 2
5) Diabetic Nephropahty
6) Glomerulonephritis
7) Hernia
8) Prostatis
9) Oligospermia
10) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
11) Thyroidism
12) Constipation
13) Diarrhea
14) Peptic Ulcer
15) Gastroesophageal reflux disease
16) Irritable Bowel Syndrome
17) Obesity
18) Parkinson's Disease
19) Alzheimer's Disease
20) Migraine
21) Insomnia

Yoga Therapy: Psychology

As for psychological issues, yoga therapy works on depression, anxiety, and various personality disorders. This is done through finding out the person's dominant elements (out of the five) through observing them perform certain asanas, filling a personality test, and even a hormonal test (if the person accepts this method of diagnosis). Once we discover the person's main elements, it becomes easy to offer a tailored yoga therapy program for that person.

The energy channels (chakras) of each person will have either upturned or downturned petals on them. Depending on the problem and the person's main elements, Dream Yoga is a very powerful technique to upturn any downturned (or negative) petals. Various meditations and pranayama are also used. Come create your own dream reality, as we are living in a delusional dream!