Yoga Classes

Nada is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her kundalini and yin yoga classes always leave me feeling uplifted and happy, as well as stronger and more flexible.   Nada's classes are clearly taught, well-paced, and have helped me regain mobility after physical injuries. Nada is very supportive and takes special care to offer variations and adapt poses to accommodate my limitations.
Warm, knowledgeable, and caring, Nada brings so much joy and presence to every class. It has been a privilege to be guided by such a skilled and dedicated teacher.

  - Rhi
Jan 2017

I am not a gym person, I was looking for something to deal with my body and spirit, that was when I accidentally met Nada over a year ago back in Nov. 2015. I thought I will take a couple of lessons and give it up like every time I join an activity.

My journey started when for the first time in my life I felt addicted to something useful for me. Joining Nada's lessons became like my own temple, I can tell the difference after over a year of practice; lots of better physical abilities and the feeling of peace of mind and enlightenment, absolutely, priceless investment

- Manx
Jan 2017
Healing Sessions

Nada is an amazing healer! She is extremely intuitive and accepting. I never felt judged by her, instead I felt total acceptance and understanding. Her honesty and openness was refreshing. Her intellect and experience in many different modalities always added value to her sessions.

-Paola Blackmore
Life Coach & Lawyer
June 2017