Chanting Circle

Join our free weekly chanting circles! Every Thursday we do Kundalini Yoga chants as well as a few Kirtan mantras. Chanting is very meditative due to the repetition of certain powerful mantras. These mantras raise our energy vibration, magnifying our spiritual nature and bringing us to a sense of well-being. It also makes us feel a "natural high" because uttering certain words causes our tongue to touch the roof of our mouth stimulating the energy points there to release "happy" hormones such as serotonin into our system.

The Indian languages we chant in are Gurumukhi (the language of Kundalini Yoga) and Sanskrit (the language of the Vedas). This is not a religious activity; people from all religions enjoy and gain the wonderful benefits of chanting.
Our sessions are at a different yoga studio or healing center each week, so get in touch to know where we will be this Thursday at 6:00pm - 8:00pm!

Check out the video below for one of our favorite regular chants: